Dress The UV Up

The Pantone Color Institute had announced the world the color of 2018 was Ultra Violet, which is known as the UV, the most fearful thing of ladies in the four seasons especially in the summer. So, as half of 2018 has passed, and so as the summertime of 2018, why don't we just seize the opportunity to dress the 'UV' up in summer in a different way?


We all know that the violet/violet related color is always not that easy to do some clothes matches, and it will be much easier to start with the accessories and basic wears.


The first 3 items we picked to dress you up


 Translucent Round Sunglasses from Forever 21


This is a pair of rimless round sunglasses with translucent purple color, simple but stylish. When the street are full of girls that are wearing simple black T-shirts and denim, this pair of sunglasses will be the one thing that makes you become 'the one'. Simply fit these sunglasses in your casual outfits, but be careful with the color matches.



Sequin Hoop Earrings from Forever 21


This is a pair of very matchable earrings. Easily fit in most of the oufits. You glow like the sequins sparkle in the sun when you wearing it.



Satin Scallop Cami top from Topshop


Sweet scallop neckline, appropriate cutting, this dark purple like(the TopShop call it gunmetal but it really looks like the dark purple) chic must-have cami for your wardore. Easily fits in most of the bottoms, just the same as the sequin earrings above, and it do fit with the earrings as well. Clothing recommendation is never gonna miss.


Here are the next 3 items



Printed T-shirt from Bershka


A T-shirt is always the most basic element for the street style. Oversized, petite, sequins, embroidered... these are what make a normal tee so special. How about a T-shirt in ultra violet? Chic color in normal design, that's what you gonna have.



Cutout Strappy-Back Maxi Dress from Forever 21


Curvy-outlining maxi dress in violet? That's the sign of elegant. And a strappy lace-up back design lights the little sexy up in your elegant. Suitable for every occasion.



Purple Wave Halter Ring Bikini Top Swimsuit from VENUS


As we are talking the summer dress in ultra violet, how can we talk nothing about the swimsuits? The last recommend item is the UV bikini with folk pattern. There are not too much sellers sell purple swimwear, even they did, the design is always not that good (Oops, sorry). The folk print weakens the strong feeling in ultra violet and brings some exotic in the suit. Exotic in summer vibe? Sounds good.


That’s are the 6 items combined with the color of the year and summer element we wanna recommend you guys. Just feel free to try on the color of the year, ‘UV’ is not that hard to do matches.